- introduced combat stances, talk with village guard to unlock (ask him for tips if you already met him earlier); lots of names were suggested by Varian on our discord channel
    - some combat related skills now gain xp even if their original condition (e.g. succeeding in some action) is not fulfilled, although at half the efficiency
    - the rat saga continues
    - a bit more content after leaving the village
    - added some background "sounds"
    - new skills and activities (check training options in village and cave, they might be instantly unlocked if you are far enough)
    - rebalance; changes to some displayed texts
    - modified changelog and help page to a form easier to navigate
    - regeneration when sleeping now scales with "Sleeping" skill
    - trade all button + another trade bugfix (plz let it be the last one)
    - balance changes
    - switching weapons now won't make dead enemies suddenly start attacking again
    - CSS fixes
    - dialogue text fixes
    - level bonuses from "Presence sensing" skill, expanded bonuses for some other skills
    - more balance changes
    - changed some background 'sounds'
    - bugfixes
    - fixed bug with doubled stamina usage when some attacks would one-shot an enemy wave
    - reduced frequency of background 'sounds'
    - raised max level of presence sensing but reduced initial xp cost
    - fixed rounding of displayed health
    - fixed doubling of some skill bars
    - fixed a bug where if reading a book inventory would get sorted every irl second
    - 'broad arc' stamina cost raised to 4
    - hitcount of multi-target stances now properly updates in their descriptions when needed
    - 'suspicious wall', 'village guard' and 'suspicious man' are no longer 'small' targets
    - 'broad arc' dmg multiplier reduced to 0.4
    - 'cave depths' location is now a tiny bit harder
    - location types now how their stage displayed (e.g 'dark III')
    - fixed 'quick steps' skill's too low xp cost
    - stabilized enemy attack timers (based on expected time vs actual time) to hopefully fix the issue with enemy attacks firing slower than expected
    - fixed issue with xp multiplier rewards from skill levels not working properly after reloading the game
    - fixed stance skills having no effect
    - stamina efficiency in 'Data' is now shown with 2 decimal places
    - minor CSS fix
    - fixed wrong stance names in some skill descriptions
    - crit rate / crit power breakdown is now shown with 2 decimal places
    - fixed a bug where when entering activity with a maxxed out skill, xp% would be NaN
    - CSS fixes for inventory
    - fixed multi-trade buttons that were broken by previous patch
    - simplified some code
    - CSS fixes for inventory
    - fixed skill-specific xp bonuses not working
    - added a few more skill level rewards
    - slightly reduced xp multipliers and crit rate from skill levels
    - another CSS fix for inventory
    - another bugfix for trade (displayed value vs actual value sometimes differed)
    - equalized base xp costs for stance skills at 60, modified how they gain xp
    - added parent skill for stance skills
    - added some more names to existing skills
    - reworked economy (drop rates no longer go down, instead price of enemy loot goes down as more and more is sold, they also slowly recover over time; solution suggested by 10mart10 on our discord channel)
    - added quick travel to [last combat location] and to [last location where player slept]
    - xp multipliers are now displayed - for skills in their onhover tooltip, for hero in data tab
    - shield blocking skill now increases max dmg than can be blocked; block chance reduced by 5% points (goes from 75% to 95%)
      it also has 30 levels instead of 20 now
    - combat areas now have their descriptions available as tooltips when hovering over their name
    - added more entries to the "help" section
    - nerfed xp rewards for clearing both cave areas, added xp rewards for both forest areas
    - buffed wolves (probably not enough, you guys are too strong)
    - some other balance changes for skills, hero and items
    - enemies in combat now display their chance to hit hero and to dodge hero's attack, instead of AP/EP
    - some style fixes, styling for money
    - fixed parent skill xp gain (now they will keep up in xp with their most leveled child)
    - added skill sorting (by name and by level); fixed inventory sorting; you can now also click button again to reverse sort direction (switch between ascending and descending)
    - minor CSS fix
    - equipment display fix
    - trade bug fix
    - fixed skill rewards being added twice
    - some values wouldn't refresh properly
    - added consolelogging of some warnings in case of unexpected results
    - fixed some rounding issues
    - some balance changes
    - another trade fix
    - xp bonus from parent skill is now included in xp gains in skill tooltip
    - minor balance change
    - fixed some styling
    - (hopefully) fixed issue with attack speed
    - fixed unarmed attack speed bonus not being added
    - fixed minor bug with loading older saves
    - fixed attacks getting faster on 0 stamina
    - implemented books (only 2 available for now); both provide small bonuses to xp gains upon finish
    - huge buff to shield block chance, other balance changes
    - bugfixes (trade, loading, wrong values in bestiary)
    - added console message on auto save
    - added visual distinction to the book that is being read
    - travel options in locations now don't get grouped if there's nothing other than travel available (e.g. the cave)
    - modified function for inventory display so it can now not only refresh all items but also a single one
    - compatibility for saves from older versions
    - fixed that ugly display of "def" in combat
    - fixed reward of "tight manouvers" skill
    - fixed display of "stamina efficiency" reward
    - fixed issue with area unlocks (didnt work if it was supposed to be unlocked by clearing some combat zone)
    - minor balance changes
    - fixed wrong rounding of dropchances in bestiary
    - fixed lack of rounding in reading time
    - fixed xp gains from harder areas
    - removed underscores from some descriptions
    - slightly nerfed some xp bonuses
    - fixed shield block chance reaching 100% way too soon
    - fixed block chance display in combat
    - added game version to save file, for future usage
    - now can take less than 1 dmg from an attack, if using a shield
    - rounded some dmg numbers
    - minor fix to CSS
    - rebalanced stat gains from skill milestones
    - added another combat location between infested field and cave depths, to smooth the progression
    - skill groups replaced with parent skills; now they only provide xp bonus and their child skills have their own milestones
    - refactored calculations of stats from skills/milestones/equipment/level to a more manageable form
    - refactored equipment stat calculations
    - implemented xp bonuses (for now only from skill milestones)
    - drop chance now scales with how many of specific enemy were killed, down to 1/10th at 999+
    - fixed minor bugs when trading stackable items
    - changed the starting year to 1000
    - location choices now get foldered only when there's more than two (used to be at more than one)
    - equipment prices increased by ~50%
    - introduced bestiary with list of all killed enemies (killcount, description, stats, drops their chances)
    - rebalanced "sleeping" skill rewards
    - fixed wrong milestone levels on weapon skills after loading game
    - changed xp scaling of some skills
    - fixed wrong calculations on shield blocking skill
    - fixed a minor error when loading save with any skill having less xp than needed to be visible
    - changed the way savefiles are loaded to avoid a bunch of issues
    - added "iron skin" skill that provides a tiny bit of def, xp is gained for fighting with no armour equipped
    - evasion xp is increased by 50% when fighting with no armor equipped (let's call it an adrenaline bonus)
    - changed the hit-chance formula to non-linear
    - "iron skin" now works
    - minor fixes to some formulas
    - message log can now be filtered for stuff related to combat/levelups&unlocks/events/loot
    - now if there's more than 1 option in any category (work, train, travel, talk, trade), 
      it's available via separate list of choices instead of all being crammed together
    - rounded displayed values for some skill effects
    - reworked the location type system
    - payments for some jobs are now affected by related skill
    - moved dialogue answers to dialouge box (instead of message log)
    - modified tooltip positioning so that they don't leave the screen
    - rounded some displayed numbers
    - slightly weakened first enemy type
    - some minor bugfixes
    - introduced location types (for combat zones), that bring some additional penalties to hit/evasion chance
    - added a new job, unlocked after clearing 2nd combat zone
    - fixed issue where multi-enemy locations required killing X enemies, instead of killing X enemy groups
    - implemented stamina effects on character's attack speed and attack power
    - number of [alive] enemies now has negative impact on character's hit chance
    - number of enemies multiplies gained character xp by sqrt of group size
    - new training activity
    - fixed two small problems when importing file
    - fixed issue with combat being paused when area page is hidden
    - rewrote the combat loops, made it work properly when tab is not focused
    - fixed all the bugs I managed to find; 
    fighting against groups now should work without any issues (other than balance)

    - restructured a lot of code, mostly moved stuff to new places,
    but also created some new methods for updating the display

    - moved the page selection buttons to the top
    - switched from fontawesome to google icons